Monthly Archives: May 2018

  1. Small Spaces, Big Ideas

    Many new store owners are challenged with beginning a business not only on a tight budget but also a tight space to sell from! Often times the first store location is between 1,000–1,500 sq. ft. When a business owner is tasked with merchandising as well as storage in a small space, it takes creativity to ensure there are enticing products, displayed conveniently while always ensuring inventory is in stock. Here are six simple and affordable ways to maximize a small retail space:

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  2. Finding the Right Mannequin

    Visuals play an important role in increasing the sales of any retail store. How you present and display your products play an essential role in attracting customers into your store and leading them to buy. A mannequin helps customers to know about the latest trend the store offers. It is a silent salesperson. The more enticing the mannequin is dressed and displayed has a direct effect on pulling the customer into the store.
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  3. Visual Merchandising - Do I Really Have To?

    Visual Merchandising - def: The art of increasing the sale of products by effectively and sensibly displaying them at the retail outlet.

    Visual merchandising is the practice of displaying store products and services to influence the consumer’s buying behavior. The location and display of the products in the store has an important role in motivating the consumers to buy them.

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