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  1. A Little Bit of Planning Makes a Big Impact

        Ever heard of a “planogram”?  No, it’s not the latest in floral deliveries, and  counting calories is not required.   Planograms are used by large retail stores to help sales associates place merchandise in the store to gain the maximum amount of sales using visual display.  It’s basically a picture map of where product should be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf.  


    You don’t have to be a large retail store to do a great planogram for your retail store.  Having a good idea of your wall-space, shelf space, or floor space and a few sheets of graph paper is all you need!

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  2. 6-month Interest Free Financing

        Retail store owners and small business owners often need start-up capital to finance the cost of opening a new store or business.  Often, without collateral, there is a slim chance of getting loans through local banks.  The cost of the store rent, payroll, store fixtures and merchandise can often delay a retail store opening because of limited funding.   Stamps Store Fixtures introduces a new option for 6-month intrest free financing available to our on-line customers who have orders over $99! 

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  3. Slatwall vs. Grid Wall

     For every new retail store owner, there comes the time to design and build a store with the right equipment to display merchandise. Although floor space planning is important, wall space planning is too.  When store design calls for a versatile wall system, consider slatwall panels OR grid panels as the solution.

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  4. Somebody's Watching....


     Retail theft, or ‘shrinkage’ is unfortunately a fact of retail life.    Even more unfortunate in 2012, retail businesses reported nearly 45% of theft was done internally by their own employees!    Whether items are walking out the door unpaid, or money is missing from the till, battling store theft requires persistence and consistency.


        Having store security equipment in place as well as good security procedures helps to identify problems and patterns.   This is one of the most customer friendly actions a retail store can take, because less shrink equals less cost for consumers!    Having a secure store environment also protects employees as well.

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  5. A Successful Display Case

        Glass Display Cases serve many functions in a retail store or office environment.  Not only can it secure high end products, but it can serve as an integral part of any service check-out counter, and put on an enticing visual display for customers.  There are also many types and sizes of display cases, from countertop cases that serve as mobile showrooms, to wall cases that display trophies for schools or companies.....

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  6. Display Tables, The Seasonal Stage

         As the seasons change, and new promotions or merchandise is introduced, a great retailer will use creative visual displays to entice shoppers to buy.  The most successful visual displays can be staged on retail merchandising tables.  Consider using your display tables as a seasonal stage to introduce your shoppers to your store and creating an exciting buying experience.

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  7. Popular Grid Merchandisers

    Whether you operate a beauty supply store, retail clothing store, convenience store or are exhibiting at an industry trade show, the right retail fixture can make a big impact on your sales.  As with most retailers, a store fixture that is versatile and easy to assemble is a valuable asset when changing up the merchandise or even the layout of a store.  Grid merchandisers are a very popular option when designing a display option from clothing to candy, and from hair products to jewelry.  With so many accessories and configurations to choose from, a grid panel merchandiser can transform from a clothing rack to an art gallery wall with just a few simple changes.

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  8. Should You Do a Pop-Up Shop?

    You’ve heard it called “Temporary Retail”, “Flash Retailing”, “Pop-Up Store”, or “Pop-Up Shop”, it is all one and the same. Pop-Up Shops are becoming more popular and are a regular fixture in today’s retail world. These stores are enhancing the presence of traditional brick-and-mortar and big-box stores, as well as creating a physical local for on-line stores. But what exactly is a shop that pops up?

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  9. Sidewalk Talk

    They are everywhere! Some call them sidewalk signs and others call them A-frame and sandwich boards. These cheeky signs perched outside retail stores and eateries offer the opportunity to show off a business personality, brand, and promotion and snag potential patrons as they travel by. A great option for the sidewalk signs are chalkboard A-Frames. This allows for fast changes to the message and being able to communicate to passersby with the latest news or promotion. Giving a great first impression not only is a great customer draw, but having patrons share your message on social media is a great advertising tool for potential customers too!

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  10. How to Buy Gondola Shelving

         Whether you are opening up a grocery store, convenience store or package store, one piece of equipment is essential to your retail store - Gondola Shelving.   Sometimes called cantilevered shelving or metal store shelves, these are super-sturdy and adaptable store fixtures for storing dry goods or grocery foods.  

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