Finish Dark Mahogany Capacity 250 Cigars Dimension 26" W x 11 1/2" D x 20" H
SKU 9961

Description / Countertop Humidor - Holds 250 Cigars : Dark Mahogany

Finish Dark Mahogany
Capacity 250 Cigars
Dimension 26" W x 11 1/2" D x 20" H

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Large Dark Mahogany Countertop Display
Spacious Capacity to Hold up to 250 Cigars while Remaining Compact and Suitable for Countertop Use
Features 3 Removable and Reversible Spanish Cedar Trays
Each Display is Designed with Integrated Gold Tray Support Pins, giving you the Flexibility to Position your Trays, either Facing Towards the Front or Towards the Double Doors
Doors Incorporate a Rubber Seal and are Held in Magnetically to Ensure Tight Closure
6 Adjustable Dividers for Easy Organization and Customization
2 Large Humidifiers to Maintain Optimal Humidity Levels for your Cigars
Includes a Built-in Easy-to-Read External Hygrometer with Calibration Feature
Conveniently Monitor the Humidity from the Outside of the Unit
4 Glass Sides offers a Stunning 360° Viewing Experience
Showcase your Cigars Collection from every Angle
Includes a Lock and Key Set for Added Security

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SKU 9961

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