Holding an end of season sale is a great way to sell through old inventory. Add old inventory to a convenient rolling rack and place in a high traffic area or at the entrance of the store. Offer deeper discounts over time and localize your sale items in one place. The best way to create a defined sales section is through signage. Add bright sale signage to attract more traffic. Don’t overcrowd your old inventory displays. Creating a customer friendly “sale” shopping experience will encourage them to add more items to their cart. Clearly define end of season sale and use your social outlets to let your customers know about the sale. End of season clearance is a great way to get your customers to shop in store during a time that may be traditionally slow.


Merchandisers on wheels! When you can, add fixtures with locking casters so that you can easily re-merchandise or rearrange your store. Slatwall fixtures are a great display staples and offer a variety of accessory options. When you choose multifunctional displays for your store you give yourself and your staff merchandising flexibility. Instead of buying an entirely new display, you can purchase new accessories to use in your slatwall fixtures or wall panels to update quickly and easily. If slatwall doesn’t work for you, select racks that coordinate with your theme and stick to the same colors to create a cohesive look throughout your store. Straight arm racks take up less floor space and are height adjustable to display just about any piece of clothing.


Choosing the right display can be a difficult task, here are a few smart fixture options if you are undecided…

1. Folding merchandise and accessories: Nesting tables are a great option for displaying folding items as well as small accessories. 

2. Hanging items: Portable displays can be the tool that makes the best use of your space.

3. Small items: Use shelving and organize items creatively add easels and signage to create defined sections.