Retail store owners and small business owners often need start-up capital to finance the cost of opening a new store or business.  Often, without collateral, there is a slim chance of getting loans through local banks.  The cost of the store rent, payroll, store fixtures and merchandise can often delay a retail store opening because of limited funding.   Stamps Store Fixtures introduces a new option for 6-month intrest free financing available to our on-line customers who have orders over $99! 


    When checking out your order on our web-site, you can elect to finance your payment through PayPal express check-out.  Selecting the "Bill Me Later" option allows for 6-month interest free financing on all purchases over $99!   Through this option, retailers and small business owners can spread out payments on a large store fixture purchase with no delay in receiving the equipment!    


    Imagine being able to use your start-up capital towards getting more merchandise or funding payroll, while being able to make payments on the clothing racks or store shelving and conveniently managing your cash flow!  See more details and sign up for a credit line at.  Just click below to find out more details!

Offer expires 7/31/13.